Two Effective Ways to Contact PayPal if you have an issue

There are several circumstances when you might need expert assistance while working with your PayPal Payment account.  A phone call assistance is best to go when you need immediate assistance.  Other than this, you can also visit the help center to solve transaction issues and put concerns in the community. The payment process with PayPal Account is very swift and very easy than any other platform. Whether it is about making payment for product purchase or hiring an online service provider, making money exchanges with friends and closed ones, every process related to funds is quite simple & easy to use.

Why You need Paypal Help from experts?

Well! If there is any situation when everything is not right with your Paypal Account, and you get stuck somewhere due to unexpected Paypal activity or some known technical issues. The common issues are often related to paypal sign up, Paypal sign in, failed paypal payment, etc. Also, there are some conditions when your account is locked, or there are some funds in your account without details.

Some common queries that by paypal users are:

  • How to easily refund payment on PayPal?
  • How to change the primary address on paypa?l
  • How to setup PayPal account, and connect a credit card or bank account?

To encounter all these issues carefully, and let everything work professionally, the availability of PayPal contact number is what makes it easy.

Contacting PayPal by Phone

Step1: Visit the official website of PayPal, and sign in PayPal account.

Step2: After successful login, go the bottom, and click option, “contact us”

Step3: On this page, you can search for answers to personalized questions.

Step4: If you can’t find it there, then you can choose the option to call us.

Step 5: There you will find the Paypal Contact number. You will have to enter one-time password in order to let you allow you calling.

Step6:  Call number, and wait for representatives to connect and respond.

Contact PayPal via Message

1- Visit PayPal website, and sign in your account

2- Scroll below, and click option contact us on summary page

3- It will navigate you to the help center

4-On this screen, go to the bottom, and choose option “message us”.

5- In the open chat window, you will get specific answers to your queries.

In case your query not resolve there, then your message forwards to the PayPal agent. You will get response from there within one hour.

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