Some interesting facts about the stimulus check.

All of us might not have heard about the famous stimulus check program announced by the government. The main motive of this program is to provide financial help to the economically backward citizens. Customers who don't know about this can go through this blog to get the necessary information on this.

The stimulus checks in the recent launch by the government of the US to help the citizens of this country. We all know that people are the base layer of any country. If anything happens to the country whether it is financially or economically, citizens are the one who suffers the most. Hence, under this scheme, the taxpayers will receive some portion of the tax they paid in the previous year as financial support.

The amount you will receive as a stimulus check directly depends on the tax you have paid in previous years. Also, there are some other factors that adversely after the stimulus check amount. A person earning more than $75000 annually will not qualify to get a stimulus check. Additionally, if any couple has a child below 17 years of age then they will receive $600 for the kid as well. Customers can use this amount for their regular expenses. This scheme is helping a lot of the customers to deal with their increasing financial needs.

Customers can receive their stimulus check in two ways. They can either get their amount directly in the cash app link bank account by enabling direct deposit. Whereas, if you do not have a cash app account then you will receive a paper queue instead of the electronic transfer. For this, the customer should require a traditional bank account. They have to deposit the paper cheque not their bank account and wait for a few days to get it encashed.

How do you get a stimulus check on the Cash App?

The easiest way to get the stimulus check on the cash App is through the routing number. The cash app provides a routing number and account number to receive direct deposit. If you do not have a cash app account then you would not be able to receive your stimulus check. Also, cash app users have to enable direct deposit and find their routing number to receive a stimulus check. After finding the routing number they have to enter it into the official website provided by the government.

If you have not enabled your direct deposit on a cash app then you can activate it by the following steps.

  • On the cash app, first of all, you have to login into your account.
  • After that head to the banking tab icon showing on the home screen.
  • Click on the “Deposits and transfer” option to see the available option to enable direct deposit.
  • Click on the “enable direct deposit” option to activate your account.
  • On the next page, you will see your routing number and account number.
  • Below your cash app accounts details, you will see an option to copy that number. Finally, click on the “Copy routing number” or on the “Copy account number“ option to copy the number to the clipboard.

Once you find your account number, you have to provide the same to the stimulus check website. The stimulus executives will verify your details. After verification, they will process the stimulus check in your account through an electronic medium. Generally, the stimulus check will reflect immediately in your account. But at certain times the process gets delayed up to 2 days due to technical errors in the software.

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