How can I contact someone at Facebook to activate my disabled account?

Security of an account and its information is a massive task for developers. All social networking websites are vulnerable to privacy leakage to some extent. That is why Facebook has defined some rules that everyone has to follow. If someone is violating these rules then Facebook has the entire right to disable your account. So many customers are reporting about a disabled account to the support centres. But the reality is if your account has been disabled then you should have done something against the policies. You can talk to a live person at Facebook to know about its privacy policies. Additionally, if you want to activate your disabled account then you can read this blog to gather information.

  • First of all, navigate to the Disabled Facebook Account page. if your account has been disabled for uploading sensuous or policy violation content then only you will be able to navigate to this page. Otherwise, if you are unable to access your account for any other reason than you will not be able to go to this page or submit an appeal.
  • Click on the "use this form to request a review" option to submit your request. Enter your Facebook registered email address. Also, you can use your contact number that is registered to your Facebook account.
  • Enter your complete name mentioned in your Facebook profile.
  • Afterward, Facebook will ask you to upload a picture of your valid id proof.
  • You can use a driving license, citizen card, voter card, or passport as legitimate proof. Click on the “Browse” option to search for the picture in the phone gallery. Besides, you can also use the camera of your phone to click a picture and upload the same on Facebook.
  • Simultaneously, upload a passport size photo of yourself. If you do not have a passport image and id proof on your device then you can upload that from your computer too.
  • Click on the “File location” on the device. Select the location of the image where the image is saved in your device.
  • Click your picture that you want to upload and then click on the open tab. This will directly upload your picture to the Facebook form.

Apart from this, you can also justify your point or ask for a reason for the deactivation of your account. Click on the "Additional Info" tab to enter your views about the disabled account.

Finally, click on the “Send” button to submit the facebook form. The Facebook team will revert to your form in a week. If you didn’t receive any response in a week then you can resubmit the request using the same procedure.

The chances of unlocking a disabled account are very rare. Also, we suggest you talk to a live person at Facebook to know the exact reason behind the disabling of an account. This will give you an idea and you will not do those things that can risk your account.

Also, many times people are unable to log in to their Facebook account due to password issues. Password issue is not a privacy concern so you would not be able to submit a review form in this case. Also, in this case, we suggest you reset the password using common ways. You can either use your registered email address or contact number to reset your Facebook password. If you don’t have access to these then you can also answer the security question to rest the Facebook password.

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