How do I contact Facebook by phone?

Facebook is the most popular social networking platform where every day millions of people share their videos, photos, views, and other information with others on their Facebook pages or profiles. It has a large amount of audience and helps to stay connected with each other. If any user wants to report any comment, post, profile, or any group and want to contact Facebook by phone.

A Facebook profile contains the most important and personal information of the person where a Facebook page mostly contains information about the business, celebrities, public or professional details. If you are a Facebook user and if you find any type of offensive or negative posts that go against the Facebook community standards then you can report that issue anytime.

If any person finds any type of suspect or any negative post or comments on Facebook then he or she must have to report on the Facebook. To do so, go with the given below steps: 

Steps to report a page on Facebook

Step one

First, open Facebook on your device

Step Two

Go to the Next page that you want to report

Step Three

Next, click on the below three dots option on the Facebook page’s cover photo

Step Four

You can find support or report page

Step Five

Give the feedback of your report and click on the option which describes how the page goes against the Facebook community standards

People can also report on Facebook of a particular group or page from their mobile i.e. Facebook app. To do so, users need to follow some steps:

Report a Page from the Facebook app

If you are using Facebook on your mobile and want to report a page then follow some steps:

Log in to the Facebook account on your mobile device

Go to the page on which you want to report

Click on the (…) three dots option from the top right corner

There will multiple options available tab on the Report page or Find support option

Go to the Feedback option and describe how these pages going to them against our (Facebook) community standards

This is how if any user finds any negative or bulger comment or post on their Facebook account even any group which provides incorrect information then he or she can report that group or page. On the other hand, if the user finds any type of suspect and wants to Contact Facebook by Phone then can also complain by phone.

Generally, Facebook not provides any support on phone. But we are offering that service, we are the third-party Facebook customer support provider so anytime if you to report or Contact Facebook by phone then contact us.  


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