How to fix the issue of locking on Yahoo mail?

Everyone knows that Yahoo is an important emailing platform that helps you connected with your local, national, and international friends, colleagues, and family. Its security features are strict and help in saving your data. Besides this, Yahoo lets you access your account, chat with friends, send & receive emails, attach files, and many more. For all these services of Yahoo, you need to have proper access to your Yahoo account. What if you get locked out of your Yahoo account? Many times users of Yahoo ask about the ways to unlock yahoo account. Different reasons keep you locked out of the account. You can also take technical support from Yahoo customer service for resolving these solutions with ease.

The experts of Yahoo will help in identifying the reasons to find the precise solution. So, all that you need to do is to call the techies of Yahoo via helpline number for immediate tech support.

Why am I locked out of my Yahoo email account?

As discussed earlier, there can various causes for the occurrence of this error on Yahoo. If you’re a new user of Yahoo then you must get into the depth to know about the reason. In such a situation, it would be better to seek technical guidance. Here are potential causes of yahoo blocking:

  • If you are trying to sign in with an incorrect password. Multiple attempts can block your Yahoo account.
  • Whenever you are sending emails in huge numbers within the specified limit.
  • If someone is trying to hack your account
  • If you’re getting unauthorized access to third party software or apps
  • Suspicious activity on Yahoo account can also be a reason for locking
  • Sometimes, POP and IMAP settings can make this error to happen

This causes the error of locking on yahoo. So, you need to just connect with the experts of Yahoo for fixing this problem. The experts are accessible around the clock for offering you instant solutions.

How can I unlock my Yahoo mail account?

One common problem that happens with most of the users is how to unlock the yahoo account. Well, the lock sometimes gets automatically cleared after 12 hours. But there are ways to get access to your account immediately with the help of Sign-in Helper.

  • Make sure to go to Yahoo Help Page.
  • In this step, just tap on the “Account Locked” option
  • Here, look for the option of Sign-in Helper to click on it
  • Now, you will need to enter your  Phone Number or Yahoo Mail Address
  • After this, the user will get an ‘Account Key’ in the recovery mail or registered.
  • Just follow all these steps to regain access to your locked Yahoo.

How do I unblock my Yahoo email account?

On Yahoo, users can get themselves locked out of the account because of multiple attempts of sign-in. If this happens then you’ll have to wait for 12 hours. So, every Yahoo user is needed to carefully login into their account. If in any case, you are not able to fix this blocking problem then connect with the experts of the Yahoo support team. Right from password setting to account unlocking, you can ask queries of any technical problems by dialing the helpline number.

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