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You have been a dedicated user of Gmail. You’re consistently using it better to improve your service experience and get the most out of it. Well! To manage your Gmail account, starting from Gmail Sign up, and Gmail Sign in, there are a few major points to take care of. Official support page of Gmail covers step by step Gmail Technical Support information given below:

Security & Privacy

In order to maintain security and privacy there are the following major areas that you need to cover:

  • Know effective Gmail security tips
  • Check and confirm security of emails
  • Manage last account activity
  • Check for authentication of Gmail messages
  • Tracing email with complete headers

Account information

  • Reset or change your password
  • Change account name in Gmail
  • Create a Gmail account
  • Delete Gmail service
  • Increase storage, and clear space of google drive
  • Gmail account recovery

Creating username

After sign up for google account of Gmail, if you see the message “username not allowed” it means the name chosen by you does not follow Gmail guidelines. Here are guidelines for this:

  • Postmaster and abuse are reserved alias that is not allowed by users. To know more about these, you need to read spam and abuse policy.
  • Character length of username must be between 6-30 characters. And it should be combination of numbers, symbols or letters.
  • The user names can have letters, numbers and periods (.).
  • No &, + , (), <> (-) or . signs are allowed to be used in usernames
  • You can start username with non-alphanumeric characters except periods(.).

You can know more information about changing usernames by visiting the official help center of Gmail.

Settings cover information about

  • Changing or updating your Gmail settings
  • Finding supported browsers
  • Changing notifications, creating Gmail signatures, profile pictures
  • Using Gmail offline and creating labels

You can also get informative content on the official Gmail help center about Reading and organizing emails. To know tips and tricks for secure Gmail Sign in, finding mails, checking contact information, getting add-ons, verifying addresses, knowing keyboard shortcuts for Gmail.

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