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Epson Support- Know some tricks and tips for better usage

Epson printers are known for their technical standardization and quality effectiveness. The brand value, performance, and work efficiency of these printers is outstanding. It is the reason, people prefer these printers as their first priority. If you are looking for a significant EPSON Customer Service Phone Number to know some effective tips and answers of related questions, then read here.

Steps to clean print head of your EPSON Printer

Well! Your Epson printer has been providing high-quality prints for a long time. But from some days, the quality of prints is degrading day by day. So, the first step you can take to overcome this challenge is to replace your ink cartridge with the use of EPSON T200 ink cartridges. In case printouts are still blurry, then you should use the head cleaning option of your printer.

Complete steps are mentioned below:

  • Try nozzle check utility, that will be confirming that you should clean your printhead. Also, it will also be saving a lot of ink
  • In case of ink out the light of your printer is flashing, then verify whether EPSON T200 cartridges are installed. As in the absence of this operation,  you will not be able to perform head cleaning utility efficiently.
  • Also, be sure that no other printing job is in continuation. To cancel, you need to go to the printer's queue & cancel all documents

Steps to perform head cleaning

Open from window apps, click CTRL P & then properties

Open from the start menu of the window-

  • Left-click start menu, and move to control panel
  • Below option hardware & sound, select the option to view printers and devices.
  • Now, left-click printer on which you want to perform head cleaning
  • After that click printing preferences from the drop-down menu

When printing preferences option is open

  • Move to maintenance
  • Click option head cleaning
  • Follow prompts & instructions 
  • Finally, confirm printing a nozzle check pattern.


 In case the pattern of the printout is not much satisfactory as it should be, then repeat the process until the time it provides a good sample. For any related Epson help, you can connect with Epson Technical Support team.

Careful attention to take in order to keep printers clean

The primary culprit behind creating the issue with clogged printhead nozzles in EPSON printers is air. And the blockage has been the most common concern that generates troublesome situations. The second major problem with the same is dried ink. In order to have a better solution on such topics, you can contact experts at Epson Number.

Dust is the third suspect which has been very often found very prominent in creating the clogging problem. Dust can go inside the nozzle through the flowing air. Also, this fact can not be denied that if your printer is dirty then it is more prone to clogged nozzles of printers.  In short, we can say that cleaning your printer on a regular basis should be in your habits.

Switch off the Epson Printers in the night

It has been seen in many cases that owners of printers do not turn off their printers. Every printer has the system to go through a small print head cleaning cycle after their switching on.  During this cycle, printers pull some ink via a nozzle in order to maintain their lubricity. Also, such cycles work great in order to reduce the chances of clogged printhead nozzles.

If you are not switching off your printer, then it will not turn on.  So, a better idea behind keeping your printer performing well is to turn it off at night when not in use. In order to get more effective tips in relation to keep your printer up to date, you can join Epson Customer Service for a genuine solution.

Frequently asked questions by EPSON users


How can I fix my EPSON printer, not printing the issue?

Answer: To fix the HP printer, not printing issue, then you need to follow the steps given below:

  • First of all check connection of printer
  • Set your printer to default
  • Update drivers of your printer
  • Check for spooler service of printer
  • Use some other program for printing your document
  • Check printer status, and clear all print jobs

Question: 1

Epson printer prints with lines. How to fix it?


Usually, this issue is raised due to the banding of clogging the nozzle. Nozzle can be blocked due to different reasons, either due to the dusty environment, or a long time not the usage of printers. Check your nozzle carefully, and fix it for clogging. For more details, you can talk to our experts at Epson phone number.

Question: 2

Where to find the reset button on the Epson printer?


The reset button is also called the control panel, and it is usually found on the upper-right corner of the printer.

Question 3: How can I fix the connection of the printer?

Answer: In order to check the connection of a printer, one needs to follow below-mentioned steps:

1- Restart your pc. Switch off and switch on the printer in order to restart it.

2- Check connection issue, whether it is connected with USB cable, ensuring that cable is not damaged, and it firmly and correctly.

3-After that check connection of network.


Hope, from the above-mentioned description you got clear insights on how to take care of your Epson printers in order to maintain their long life and hassle-free working. Furthermore, you are always open to connecting with our Epson Printer Technical Support executives for any kind of related help.

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